Is the dreaded Joy-Con drift turning your epic Switch battles into button-mashing meltdowns? Fear not, warriors! We’ve assembled an army of incredible Switch controller alternatives to slay the drift dragon and reignite your gaming glory.

Banish Drift Forever: NYXI Hyperion Pro

Slay the Drift Monster: Equipped with Hall Effect joysticks, the Hyperion Pro laughs in the face of drift. These innovative joysticks use magnetic sensors, eliminating the physical contact that causes drift in traditional controllers. Glide effortlessly through virtual worlds with unparalleled precision, forever.

A Feast for the Eyes: The Hyperion Pro isn’t just a technological marvel, it’s a looker too. Available in stunning colors (like purple or green), this controller is as easy on the eyes as it is on your thumbs.

Nostalgic Feels: Nintendo 64 Controller

A Blast from the Past: Channel your inner child with the iconic Nintendo 64 controller. This retro replica perfectly captures the feel of the N64 era, complete with the familiar three-pronged grip and colorful buttons.

Relive Your Favorites: The N64 controller is perfect for revisiting those beloved classics on Nintendo Switch Online. Jump back into Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye 007, and other timeless titles, just like you remember.

A Word of Caution: While amazing for retro games, the N64 controller’s layout might not be ideal for more complex modern titles designed for the Switch Joy-Cons.

Immerse Yourself: CRKD Nitro Deck

Dominate On-the-Go: The CRKD Nitro Deck is a handheld powerhouse designed for ultimate comfort and control during portable Switch sessions. The ergonomic grip ensures your hands stay comfortable for hours, while the customizable controls let you tailor the layout to your specific needs.

Zero Drift, Zero Excuses: The Nitro Deck boasts a drift-free design, so you can focus on conquering enemies, not battling faulty controls.

Command Every Move: Swappable thumbstick toppers and remappable back buttons allow you to fine-tune your setup for maximum precision and efficiency. No matter your playstyle, the Nitro Deck can be customized to match.

Console Comfort: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Classic Comfort: Ditch the detached Joy-Cons and rediscover the familiar feel of a traditional console controller with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Its ergonomic design, inspired by the beloved controllers of yesteryear, perfectly cradles in your hands for hours of fatigue-free gaming.

Button Bliss: The Pro Controller features a full spread of buttons and triggers, offering easy access to every in-game function. No more hunting for tiny buttons on detached Joy-Cons — every command is right at your fingertips.

Wired or Wireless: The Pro Controller can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth for a clutter-free experience, or you can connect it directly to the Switch dock with a USB cable for uninterrupted gameplay and charging.

Happy Hands, Happy Gamers: HORI Split Pad Pro

Ergonomic Edge: Say goodbye to cramped hands! The HORI Split Pad Pro reimagines the Joy-Con experience in handheld mode, offering a larger, more comfortable grip that’s perfect for gamers with bigger hands. The familiar button layout ensures a smooth transition, while the full-sized analog sticks and D-pad provide superior control.

Built for Long Sessions: Whether you’re dominating online battles or exploring vast open worlds, the Split Pad Pro’s comfortable design allows you to play for extended periods without discomfort.

Officially Licensed Perfection: Developed in collaboration with Nintendo, the Split Pad Pro seamlessly integrates with your Switch, offering a familiar and reliable experience.

Light Up the Game: NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joypad

A Feast for the Senses: The Hyperion Meteor Joypad isn’t just another controller; it’s a customizable light show! Choose from a spectrum of 8 vibrant LED colors and a mesmerizing “breathing” effect to personalize your gaming experience.

Flex Your Playstyle: The Meteor Joypad offers the best of both worlds. Attach it to your Switch console for traditional docked mode gameplay, or detach the Joypad halves for a more portable experience.

Precision at Your Fingertips: Take your skills to the next level with a programmable back button. Map your most-used actions to this easily accessible button for quicker reflexes and an edge over the competition.

Little Gamers, Big Fun: NexiGo Gripcon (Gen 2)

Built for Budding Gamers: The NexiGo Gripcon (Gen 2) is the perfect introduction to the world of gaming for younger players. Its lightweight design is comfortable for small hands, and the clear casing lets them see the inner workings of the controller, sparking their curiosity and imagination.

A Symphony of Light: Ditch the boring black! The Gripcon (Gen 2) boasts customizable RGB lighting effects around the joysticks, adding a touch of excitement and personalization to every play session. They can choose their favorite color or cycle through a dazzling rainbow display.

Feel the Game: The Gripcon (Gen 2) isn’t just about looks; it delivers an immersive experience too. Dual-motor haptic feedback lets them feel the rumble of explosions, the recoil of weapons, and other in-game effects, adding another layer of depth to their adventures.

Power Up and Play: Never interrupt the fun! The Gripcon (Gen 2) allows you to charge your Switch console while you play, so young gamers can keep their quests going without worrying about running out of battery.

Multi-Console Mastery: BIGBIG WON Rainbow 2 Pro

Unleash the Universal Champion: Forget buying separate controllers for each console! The BIGBIG WON Rainbow 2 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one solution. This vibrant controller boasts seamless wireless compatibility with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, mobile devices (via Bluetooth), and of course, the Nintendo Switch.

A Spectrum of Styles: The Rainbow 2 Pro lives up to its name, offering a dazzling spectrum of color options to match your individual style or favorite console. No more boring black controllers — express yourself with a rainbow of choice!

Customizable Controls: Take control of your game with the Rainbow 2 Pro’s remappable buttons. Configure the layout to perfectly suit your playstyle and favorite genres, giving you a competitive edge no matter the platform.

Light Up the Arena: Just like the NexiGo Gripcon, the Rainbow 2 Pro features customizable RGB lighting effects, adding a touch of personality and excitement to your gaming sessions on any device.

Precision Perfection: EasySMX X10 Gaming Controller

Mechanical Mastery: Experience the difference that mechanical switches can make! The EasySMX X10 boasts a full set of mechanical buttons, delivering lightning-fast response times and a satisfying tactile click that traditional membrane buttons simply can’t match. Every keystroke registers instantly, giving you the edge in fast-paced competitive games.

Unwavering Accuracy: The X10 eliminates any margin for error with its innovative Hall effect sensor system. These sensors use magnets to detect movement, eliminating the physical contact that can cause stick drift in traditional controllers. Glide across virtual battlefields with unmatched precision and confidence.

Wired or Wireless Warrior: Adapt to any situation with the X10’s convenient connectivity options. For a clutter-free experience, connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. When low on battery or for a more stable connection, simply use the included wired connection option. The choice is yours!

A Feast for Strategists: Serious gamers know the importance of customization. The X10 features a handy slider that lets you switch between 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired connections on the fly. This allows you to optimize your setup for different situations and maximize your competitive advantage.

FAQs: Conquering Common Questions

What is a good alternative to Joy-Cons?

There are many great alternatives to Joy-Cons available, depending on your needs and preferences. This guide highlights several options, including:

  • For drift-free gaming: NYXI Hyperion Pro (uses Hall Effect joysticks)
  • For nostalgic vibes: Nintendo 64 Controller (perfect for retro games on Switch Online)
  • For on-the-go comfort: CRKD Nitro Deck (ergonomic handheld grip)
  • For a traditional feel: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (familiar console-style layout)
  • For bigger hands: HORI Split Pad Pro (larger, more comfortable grip for handheld mode)
  • For a customizable experience: NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joypad (detachable Joy-pad with programmable buttons and LED lighting)

What can you use instead of a Nintendo Switch controller?

Several officially licensed and third-party controllers work with the Switch, offering various features and functionalities. This guide explores some popular options, but be sure to research specific features before purchasing.

Can I use my phone as a Joy-Con?

Yes, with certain limitations. The Nintendo Switch Online app allows you to use your phone as a virtual controller for some games, but it won’t work for all titles and may not offer the same functionality as a physical controller.

Can you use non-Nintendo Joy-Cons?

Yes, the Switch is compatible with many officially licensed third-party controllers, like those mentioned in this guide. However, some features might be limited compared to official Joy-Cons.

How can you tell if Joy-Cons are fake?

Fake Joy-Cons often have lower build quality, unresponsive buttons, and inaccurate joysticks. They may also lack Nintendo’s official markings and packaging. It’s safest to purchase controllers from reputable retailers.

How long will Joy-Cons last?

The lifespan of Joy-Cons can vary depending on usage and care. However, they are susceptible to drift issues, which can develop over time.

What other controllers work with Switch?

Many Switch-compatible controllers are available, including the Pro Controller, various third-party options (like those in this guide), and some arcade sticks.

Does Switch allow 3rd party controllers?

Yes, the Switch supports many officially licensed third-party controllers.

Can you use a PS4 controller on Switch?

No, the Switch is not directly compatible with PS4 controllers.

How do I turn my iPhone into a Switch controller?

While the Nintendo Switch Online app can turn your iPhone into a virtual controller for some games, it’s not a direct replacement for a physical Joy-Con.

Can you play Nintendo Switch without a controller?

Limited touch controls are available for some Switch games, but most titles require a controller for full functionality.

Do fake Nintendo Switches exist?

Yes, unfortunately, fake Nintendo Switches do exist. Be cautious when purchasing consoles online and stick to reputable retailers.

What does Joy-Con mean?

“Joy-Con” is a combination of the words “joy” and “controller,” reflecting the Switch’s ability to detach the controllers for handheld or multiplayer gaming.

What’s inside a Joy-Con?

A Joy-Con contains various components like an analog stick, buttons, sensors, a battery, and a circuit board.

Do Joy-Cons lose battery when not in use?

Yes, Joy-Cons can slowly lose battery life even when not in use.

How to charge Joy-Cons without a Switch?

Some third-party charging docks can charge Joy-Cons independently of the Switch console.

How long do Joy-Cons take to fully charge?

Joy-Cons typically take around 3–4 hours to fully charge when connected to the Switch dock.

Do Joy-Cons charge when the Switch is off?

Yes, Joy-Cons will continue to charge when the Switch is turned off, as long as the console itself is plugged into a power source.

Is it bad to leave the Switch in the dock?

Leaving the Switch in the dock for extended periods shouldn’t damage the console itself. However, it’s always a good practice to unplug electronics when not in use.

What is the fastest way to charge Joy-Cons?

Connecting the Joy-Cons to the Switch while it’s docked is the fastest way to charge them.

How to play Nintendo Switch on phone?

While you can’t directly play most Switch games on your phone, the Nintendo Switch Online app allows you to remotely access certain features and play limited games on your phone screen. This functionality is dependent on the specific game and may not be a substitute for the full console experience.

Can I play Switch on TV?

Absolutely! The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, designed to be played both on the go and on your TV. Simply dock the Switch console using the included docking station, connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable (also included), and power it on. The Switch will automatically switch to TV mode, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games on the big screen.

Can I get my Joy-Cons replaced?

Yes, you can get your Joy-Cons replaced if they experience issues like drift or malfunctioning buttons. Nintendo offers a repair service for Joy-Cons. You can usually initiate the repair process through their online support website.

How to charge Joy-Cons?

There are a few ways to charge your Joy-Cons:

  • Docked Mode: The easiest way is to simply attach the Joy-Cons to the Switch console while it’s docked. As long as the Switch itself is plugged into a power source, the Joy-Cons will charge automatically.
  • Portable Mode: While playing in handheld mode, the Joy-Cons will draw power from the Switch console’s battery. However, to fully recharge them, you’ll need to dock the Switch.
  • Third-Party Charging Docks: Some third-party accessories offer charging docks specifically for Joy-Cons, allowing you to charge them independently of the Switch console.

Can I play motion games without a Joy-Con?

While some very basic motion control might be possible with the Switch’s built-in gyroscope in specific games, most motion-controlled Switch titles require the use of Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons house the necessary sensors and accelerometers for precise motion tracking, essential for most motion-based gameplay.

This guide equips you with the perfect weapon to slay the Joy-Con drift and reclaim your gaming dominance! So, choose your champion, adventurer, and get ready for epic victories!